Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of

We're focused on documenting and categorizing the stances prominent politicians and other famous people have taken when it comes to cryptocurrency.

How do you determine who is "pro-crypto" and who is "anti-crypto"?

Every stance (or publicly accessible comment) that someone has made about cryptocurrency is given a score between 0 and 100:

  • 0 - Very Anti-Crypto
  • 25 - Somewhat Anti-Crypto
  • 50 - Neutral On Crypto
  • 75 - Somewhat Pro-Crypto
  • 100 - Very Pro-Crypto

To determine a person's overall score, the average of these stances is calculated. Sometimes this behavior is overridden (for example, if a person makes negative comments but then later on changes their stance).

Who is setting these scores?

Scores are assigned by thought leaders and policy experts in the cryptocurrency space. You'll see the individual responsible for a ranking and any additional commentary they have below each stance.

Sometimes, when no expert has weighted in on a given stance, the team that maintains will attempt to categorize a stance. These categorizations are always superseded by any policy expert takes.

Wait, what team is running

We're a small group of software engineers living in the New York City area of the United States. We're big believers in the potential of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general to positively impact the world.