What is DoTheySupportIt.com

DoTheySupportIt makes it easy for the crypto community to document and categorize the stances prominent politicians and other famous people have taken when it comes to crypto innovation. We believe it’s important to provide open access to information about where people stand on important issues.

Why do we need this?

People care about where politicians stand on crypto (Crypto Council for Innovation Poll December 2023), but sometimes it can be hard to tell where a person stands on crypto. Occasionally there’s a bill or a vote in Congress where a pure “yes” or “no” can be a given for a legislator, but often times we need to rely on public statements, posts on social media, and official Congressional or campaign websites.

How do you determine who is "pro-crypto" and who is "anti-crypto"?

Every stance (or publicly accessible comment) that someone has made about cryptocurrency is given a score between 0 and 100:

  • 0 - Very Anti-Crypto
  • 25 - Somewhat Anti-Crypto
  • 50 - Neutral On Crypto
  • 75 - Somewhat Pro-Crypto
  • 100 - Very Pro-Crypto

To determine a person's overall score, an average of these stances are calculated. Newer stances can make previous statements irrelevant (for instance, someone with previous negative statements who is now pro-crypto, or vice versa).

How do you find these stances?

These stances are all compiled from publicly available information from lawmakers and other officials, but we want to encourage the community to be involved – that’s why on every public DoTheySupportIt page, you’ll see a link for where you can enter a public statement on crypto that we’ve missed.

Who is setting these scores?

Anyone can create an account on DoTheySupportIt by logging in with their twitter account. After, you can navigate to a person's page to submit a new stance they've taken, or add your own analysis on an existing stance to weigh in on whether it’s pro or anti crypto.

Browse People

DoTheySupportIt has a team of cryptocurrency policy experts who moderate these community sourced stances/analysis to finalize the person's score. Do you work for crypto policy company and want to help moderate? Reach out to us to get involved.