Does Dave McCormick Support Crypto?

Based on previous comments, Dave McCormick has indicated they are very pro-cryptocurrency. Below you can view the tweets, quotes, and other commentary Dave McCormick has made about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency innovation.

Quoted from on Mar 26th, 2024

Dave McCormick's OpEd in the Washington Examiner: America must lead on cryptocurrency

"Across my career at the intersection of national security and our economy, I have witnessed firsthand several game-changing technological revolutions. From GPS to the internet and from smartphones to artificial intelligence, our nation’s unmatched capacity to innovate has created unprecedented benefits for the economy and security. Another wave is upon us: Blockchain and crypto offer America the chance to lead another generation of critical innovation, but policymakers must do their part, or this opportunity will slip away. If the Biden White House and Congress don’t provide the support and regulatory certainty this burgeoning industry requires, there is little doubt it will develop and thrive elsewhere..."

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