Does Hill Harper Support Crypto?

Based on previous comments, Hill Harper has indicated they are very pro-cryptocurrency. Below you can view the tweets, quotes, and other commentary Hill Harper has made about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency innovation.

Quoted from on Apr 12th, 2021

Actor Hill Harper launches The Black Wall Street platform aimed at empowering investors of color:

  • The Black Wall Street app goes live on June 1 and will offer a digital wallet for peer-to-peer payment and the ability to trade cryptocurrencies.
  • The goal of app is to give Black and Latinx investors a gateway into the digital transformation of investing and provide education on crypto.

Harper said he’s hoping to attract “unbanked” consumers and more sophisticated investors looking for a Black-owned site for cryptocurrency purchasing. “It’s not just about transferring money to folks, it’s about transferring information, ideas, and building community, and we see that that is the real value and the real differentiator.”

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