Does Jon Tester Support Crypto?

Based on previous comments, Jon Tester has indicated they are very anti-cryptocurrency. Below you can view the tweets, quotes, and other commentary Jon Tester has made about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency innovation.

Quoted from on Dec 12th, 2022

During a Dec. 11 appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Tester argued that as crypto has no real value at all, the sector shouldn’t be regulated, as that would give it legitimacy.

“It's not been able to pass the smell test for me. I have not been able to find anybody who's been able to explain to me what's there other than synthetics [...] which means nothing,” he said, adding that:

“The problem is if we regulate it, and I pointed this out to some of the regulators here a week or two ago, if we regulated it, it may give it the ability of people to think it's real.”

In line with such thinking, Tester then went on to state that he sees “no reason why this stuff should exist” at all.

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