Does Tim Smith Support Crypto?

Based on previous comments, Tim Smith has indicated they are very pro-cryptocurrency. Below you can view the tweets, quotes, and other commentary Tim Smith has made about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency innovation.

Quoted from on Mar 31st, 2024

Tim Smith's campaign website highlights a specific focus on the issues page, Crypto and Web3:

"Blockchain is an unchangeable digital platform (or record of transactions) that fosters trust, transparency, and accountability by allowing parties from around the world to digitally record and transact contracts, currency, applications, and more. Blockchain is important because it: - Provides an independent, stable, and public digital platform - Allows players other than big tech to operate freely and independently - Cannot be manipulated like some traditional online digital sources...."

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Tim Smith
Unelected regulators in Washington are hindering our freedoms with their senseless attacks on cryptocurrency. I'll fight to #ExpandFreedom by holding the Biden administration accountable for crushing America's innovation in the cryptocurrency sector.
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